Villa Vivienne Serena

Villa Vivienne Serena

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يعتبر هذا المنتجع مكاناً هادئاً ومتحضراً ومتطوراً جداً. يمكن أن تدعى كاندولم بعاصمة السياحة في شمال جوا بسبب حقيقة أن أكبر الأسواق المركزية و مراكز الينابيع المعدنية توجد هنا.

هذا المنتجع الذي يفضله الأوروبيون بسبب إتاحة خدمات مثل ماكينات الصراف الآلية والأسواق المركزية ومحلات الملابس ووكالات السفر...إلخ.

كثافة الشاطئ متوسطة. الخط الساحلي عريض. يمكنك أن تستمتع بالرياضات المائية المختلفة على الشاطئ وتتناول وجبة مأكولات بحرية في أكواخ مريحة على الشاطئ.

مراجعات العملاء:

تم تقييمه 4.43 / 5 من أصل 7 مراجعات العملاء.

Score 4 of 5Score 4 of 5Score 4 of 5Score 4 of 5Score 4 of 5

We had a fabulous experience staying at Villa in March 2019. Atee from Goa Villa highly recommended this luxurious property and I must say that it lived upto the expectations. The bedrooms, bathrooms, sit outs and living area were all quite spacious, while the private swimming pool and garden were well maintained and decently large for kids to play around. The caretaker ensured that our stay was comfortable, breakfast was good and went out a few times to get any stuff that we required for the kids.

Score 5 of 5Score 5 of 5Score 5 of 5Score 5 of 5Score 5 of 5

Great Property , really pleasant and clean rooms, but the thing that makes this such a good place to stay were the staff. All of the people are incredibly helpful and generous , the villa is very beautiful with a clean pool . This villa is perfect for stay with your friends and family and have a good time together.

Score 4 of 5Score 4 of 5Score 4 of 5Score 4 of 5Score 4 of 5

Wonderful location, spacious rooms, great hospitality! Goa is on!

Score 4 of 5Score 4 of 5Score 4 of 5Score 4 of 5Score 4 of 5

We booked a villa in Dec 2018 for a family vacation at Goa. Our family is scattered across the world, and having a vacation at the villa brought us closer and bonded us together. The villa was cost effective, beautifully maintained and we had a great time playing in the private pool, partying all night in the garden area with a full time cook who bar-be-qued some tasty stuff to go along with our beers..!! Overall, it was a fabulous experience and I recommend every family/group of friends to stay here rather than spending huge amounts of money in hotels. W also thank ATEE for assisting us and recommending the said villa for our stay.

Score 5 of 5Score 5 of 5Score 5 of 5Score 5 of 5Score 5 of 5

A beautiful 4 bedroom villa, with a good sized pool and a nice lawn in a quiet serene location. And a km away from the main Candolim stretch. We were 10 friends living here for about 5 days and had an awesome holiday, thanks to this place. A self sufficient villa with all the amenities you can wish for. We had a worry free smooth experience right from booking this property with GoaVilla till the time we checked out. A special mention to Digambar, the care taker who lives with his family in the out house. He was there to take care of practically everything we needed during your stay. Always willing and never said no to any of our requests which included additional cleaning up, preparing stuff in the kitchen, buying stuff from out, organising taxis, etc Definitely a place to go back again and again….

Score 5 of 5Score 5 of 5Score 5 of 5Score 5 of 5Score 5 of 5

This luxury villa is a thousand times better than any 5 star hotel. We loved this villa from the time we arrived and enjoyed every moment of our stay. My children loved the entire place so much did not even want to go to the beach. They enjoyed themselves in the swimming pool.The entire staff was excellent right from housekeeping to Villa Manager.Will always want to stay in this villa every time we come to Goa. We will recommend this villa to all our friend and relatives.This was one of our best holidays.

Score 4 of 5Score 4 of 5Score 4 of 5Score 4 of 5Score 4 of 5

We really enjoyed our stay at this luxury villa in Candolim. The housekeeping staff was excellent and always ready to help. The villa as well as the pool was clean. We had a very great time at the villa

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# من إلى ليل الحد الأدنى للإقامة
فيلا (4 غرفة نوم) 13th October 27th October $450 3 ليال
فيلا (4 غرفة نوم) 19th August 22nd August $379 2 ليال
فيلا (4 غرفة نوم) 1st June 8th August $372 3 ليال
فيلا (4 غرفة نوم) 20th December 26th December $717 3 ليال
فيلا (4 غرفة نوم) 23rd August 26th August $422 3 ليال
فيلا (4 غرفة نوم) 27th August 26th September $379 3 ليال
فيلا (4 غرفة نوم) 27th December 5th January $1,265 4 ليال
فيلا (4 غرفة نوم) 27th September 12th October $632 4 ليال
فيلا (4 غرفة نوم) 28th October 3rd November $632 4 ليال
فيلا (4 غرفة نوم) 4th November 19th December $478 3 ليال
فيلا (4 غرفة نوم) 5th January 1st March $506 3 ليال
فيلا (4 غرفة نوم) 9th August 18th August $534 4 ليال
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خيارات ومرافق

  • مكيف هواء
  • TV/VCR
  • منفذ للإنترنت
  • غسالة ملابس
  • ثلاجة
  • ملاءات سرير
  • تنظيف الغرف
  • مايكروويف
  • محمص خبز
  • مروحة سقف
  • مكواة
  • أمن على مدار 24 ساعة
  • شرفة علوية
  • أواني وأدوات المائدة
  • غرف مفروشة
  • منطقة انتظار سيارات
  • حمام سباحة
  • فلتر مياه
  • ماء ساخن
  • حامل أكواب
  • مطبخ
  • موقع هادئ
  • خزينة
  • دش
  • أراضي خاصة
  • محول طاقة
  • إفطار (بالطلب)
  • شرفة ارضية
  • خدمة توفير خادمة للطبخ
  • مناسب لعائلة/طفل
  • براد تسخين ماء
  • موقد


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