Anjuna Beach

Everything You Need to Know About Anjuna Goa

Anjuna beach is one of the most popular beaches in North Goa, located between Baga beach in the north and Ozran beach, which is also called Little Vagator Beach in the south. This was one of the first beaches in Goa to become popular, thanks to the hippie culture of the 1960s and the 1970s. It is now a favorite with many backpackers coming from Europe. However, Anjuna is popular with the Indians too. Many stay close to the beach, while others are day visitors. The beach is particularly popular with backpackers, and long-stayers. Tourists come to Anjuna beach to watch a glorious sunset over the Arabian Sea as well.

Anjuna is 22.2 kilometers from Panaji, Goa’s state capital via the NH 66. The beach is 46 kilometers from Vasco da Gama. The closest railway station is Thivim, which is 19.3 kilometers from the beach. Anjuna is a somewhat different beach than the others in North Goa. Unlike the others, Anjuna is less sandy. Some stretches are even rocky. You will find many rocky outcrops here. There are many picturesque red laterite rocks here, which is why it is sometimes referred to as the Rocky Beach. The red colored laterite rocks are the real jewels of Anjuna, giving the landscape its unique flavor.

Anjuna Map

There are many shacks, bars, restaurants, and cafes. You will also find hotels, resorts, guest houses, and villas. Recliners and umbrellas are right on the beach, but it does not get as crowded as the other busy North Goa beaches in the winter months – Baga, Candolim, and Calangute. There is a heady beach party scene here, in the peak tourist season. There are plenty of nightclubs too. Anjuna is known for its rave and trance parties. The Wednesday flea market at Anjuna is the biggest and most famous in Goa. It is a must visit.

Historian Teresa Albuquerque says that the name Anjuna comes from the Arabic word “Hanjuman”, which means “merchant guild”. But others are of the opinion that Anjuna stands for “change” in the Arabic language. This is because, Arabs used to arrive by the sea route, and changed their money here.

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Quick Facts About Anjuna

  1. Anjuna a popular beach in North Goa, between Ozran and Baga beaches.
  2. Anjuna is 22.2 kilometers from Panaji and 46 kilometers from Vasco da Gama. Close to the other big beaches of North Goa. Baga is just 6.9 kilometers from Anjuna.
  3. One of the first Goa beaches to achieve international fame. Many foreign tourists. Hippies. Indians too. Backpackers.
  4. Not the most picturesque beach in Goa. But a hot and happening destination.
  5. Water sports – speed boat and banana rides, jet skiing, paragliding in season.
  1. It is a rocky 1.5 kilometer long beach, narrow in some places. Southern part of the beach has golden sand.
  2. Many beach shacks, restaurants, pubs, cafes, shops, car/bike rentals, ATMs, hotels, and villas – developed infrastructure for tourists. Restaurants/shops also in the approach roads.
  3. Hot party destination. Anjuna is known for rave and trance parties, full-moon parties in the peak season. There are many nightclubs here. Parties on the beach too.
  4. The biggest and most famous flea market in Goa, every Wednesday.
  5. The old Portuguese Chapora Fort is just 5 kilometers away.

Best Time Of The Year To Visit Anjuna Beach

Anjuna is one of the most popular Goa beaches, so you will find tourists throughout the year. However, most tourists come here between November and February, the winter months. This is the best time to visit the beach. Very nice weather! The shacks are all open. Parties! Water sports! Most shacks will be closed at other times, and you won’t find water sports as well. Expect more people in December and January. November or February is better for those who don’t want so many tourists.


The summer (March, April, May) is hot here, like elsewhere in Goa. The daytime temperature can reach 36°C on some days. It can rain on a few days, but it is nothing like the showers of monsoon. June, July, and August are the wettest months. Chance of thundershowers on some days! High humidity! Golden sunshine between rains when there is no cloud cover. Expect high waves and choppy sea in the monsoon.

Weather in Anjuna
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high, °C 31,6 31,5 32,0 33,0 33,0 30,3 28,9 28,8 29,5 31,6 32,8 32,4 31,3
Average low, °C 19,6 20,5 23,2 25,6 26,3 24,7 24,1 24,0 23,8 23,8 22,3 20,6 23,2
Average precipitation mm 0,2 0,1 1,2 11,8 112,7 868,2 994,8 512,7 251,9 124,8 30,9 16,7 2926

The winter is very pleasant at Anjuna. Long hours of sunshine with almost no rain, so you can relax on your sun bed at the shack. Perfect for hiring a car/bike to explore Goa and see the famous places. Low heat and humidity!

How To Reach Anjuna

  • By Air — The Dabolim international airport is 45.8 kms from Anjuna via the NH66. Taxis are available for rent at the airport counter. Connected by Air India, Indigo, SpiceJet, Etihad, Air Arabia, Air Asia, Qatar Airways, and Jet Airways!
  • By Rail — Thivim is the closest station. It is 19.3 kilometers from Anjuna. The Vasco da Gama railhead is 46.9 kms from Anjuna.
  • By Road — Panaji is 22.2 kms from Anjuna.

Top 6 Things To See And Do At Anjuna

  1. Clubbing and Partying – Anjuna is one of the partying capitals of Goa. Here, in the peak tourist season, you will have rave, trance parties, and full-moon nights, much like Thailand. Parties are held right on the beach, and at the many cafes, nightclubs, and even the beach shacks.
  2. The Flea Market – Started by the hippies for exchanging commodities, the Anjuna flea market is now the most popular in Goa. It is open on Wednesdays between 9 AM and 6 PM. You will find sarees, jewelry, handicrafts, and there are stalls selling Indian and international food. There are live concerts too.
  3. Chapora Fort – One of the most important forts in Goa, Chapora is just 5 kilometers from Anjuna. Go to the top of this old Portuguese fort to catch an awesome sight of the shoreline, and the interiors. There is a church to see within the fort as well.
  4. The Beach –Anjuna is not the best beach in Goa. But it’s still worth visiting. You can party at the beach, relax at one of the many shacks and have the best seafood and drinks, and there is water sport too you can enjoy. The Anjuna beach is different than most others in Goa because it is rocky. The southern end of the beach is sandy. This is the best place for swimming.
  5. Alternative Therapies – You will find many yoga retreats in the Anjuna, Assagao, Vagator area. You can join a course and attend classes at the Purple Valley Yoga, Swan Yoga, and at Tito's White House. Minimum week-long classes. Besides, there are also therapeutic massage services here.
  6. St. Michael's Church – This is one of the oldest churches (16th century) in Goa, but is still in decent condition. The main attractions are its Portuguese architecture and beautiful engravings. There is a statue of St. Michael too, which is famous. See the demon under his feet and the scale on his left hand.

The Anjuna Flea Market

Wednesday Anjuna Flea Market Goa

Wednesday Anjuna Flea Market

There are two weekly markets in Anjuna. The Saturday Night Market is at Arpora, but it is Anjuna’s Wednesday flea market, which is the most popular. The Anguna flea market was started by the hippies to exchange goods, so that they could fund their stay. It is much more mainstream now, but you can still find many exotic things here, including handicrafts, handmade jewelry, Kashmiri and Tibetan goods, bags, clothing, tribal artifacts, and much more.

There are plenty of stalls here, from the beach to the Anjuna Junction road. Many stalls sell the same things, so you should negotiate. There are a few bars and restaurants too with live music. Bands play jazz, rock, and music from other genres. Indian tourists, westerners, and backpackers – everyone comes to the Anjuna flea market. It is a must-do for the Goa experience.

Nightlife at Anjuna

During the day, Anjuna is a laid-back place with Indian and foreign tourists seen relaxing on the beach, except around the flea market area. But it comes to life in the evening, with the party scene hotting up. At Anjuna, you will see both outdoor and indoor trance parties. Between November and February, they are held almost every night. There are also full-moon parties here.

The top nightclubs in Anjuna –

  1. Curlies – At the southern end of the beach, Curlie’s is a sophisticated and laidback club. However, the place gets very notorious and loud when the party begins. There is an enclosed late-night dancing area and a rooftop lounge.
  2. Cafe Lilliput – Close to the flea-market, this is another top nightclub in Anjuna. But at the back, there is accommodation too, and a day-restaurant.
  3. Shiva Valley – From just a beach shack, this has emerged to become a full-fledged trance clubs. The all-night parties are held here on Tuesdays. Shiva Valley is also at the southern end of the beach.
  4. Hill Top – Located at the top of a hill between Ozran Beach and Anjuna, this is the place for rave parties. The DJs are from England, Sweden, Italy, France, Russia, Germany, Israel, and India. Thousands attend the rave parties during the weekends in the peak season.
  5. UV Bar – At the extreme northern end of the beach, UV Bar is fast emerging as a hot party destination. It is best known for wild trance parties. There are two dance floors here.


Tamarind Hotel Anjuna Goa

Tamarind Hotel, Anjuna

You will find hotels, resorts, hostels, and guest houses in all budgets at Anjuna. In general, the prices are lower than many other places in Goa. Many, especially the backpackers prefer to stay for the long-term here, and prefer cheaper accommodation at guest houses and hostels. The most expensive properties are the Yogamagic Eco Retreat Resort Hotel and Lotus Inn Hotel.


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