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Every pet owner who is planning to travel somewhere knows a severe dilemma of whether to take his pet with him or not, and if ‘yes’ then is it possible to do? And how will the beloved pet feel itself during the transportation and then at the new place after arrival? And how both of you will feel yourselves in separation? The decision always depends on the specific circumstances, and mainly on the time of your absence and on the problem to find someone to take care of your pet while you being away for some time.


If you are choosing Goa as the place for your vocations, then, probably, the best solution is not to take your pet with you, especially if you are travelling for short period of time (2-3 weeks, for example). Just imagine: the flight is long and the conditions of pets’ transportation are not much liberal, so for your pet such a trip will be a real excruciation. You should also keep in mind that the climate of Goa is very hot and humid, so your beloved pet will, perhaps, be not much excited about the new place of residence you brought him to.

But if you have no one to leave your pet with and you are planning to travel for a long time or you simply can’t live without your speechless true little friend, then you should prepare in advance for your joint journey.


First of all you need to choose a suitable accommodation on a safe territory taking into account that not every hotel or villa allow to reside with pets. Goa has many veterinary clinics and Zoo shops, so you should ask in advance which of them are located in a convenient place for you.

The next step you make is the selection of Airline Company. The tariffs and the rules of transportation of animals can be different. Usually, the animal with the weigh of approximately 7-8 kg (together with the cage) can be taken into the cabin of the plane and be placed next to its owner. The animals that weigh more than 9 kg are transported in the luggage compartment of the plane in a special section. These rules can vary depending on the Airline Company, but one thing remains constant: the pet must be in a cage, the size and the type of which are also spelt out in the rules of the Company. And, pay attention, under the “animal” the pets like dogs, cats or birds (parrots, canary, etc) are implied. If the rules of carriage of the chosen Airline Company allow you to transport your family pet inside the cabin of the plane, then make sure to book a separate place for your animal. In any case, notify the carrier that your pet is going to fly with you. Please, also note that there are some limits on the number of animals that can be issued per passenger. It is very unlikely that you will be allowed to take more that one or, at least, two family pets together with you inside the cabin of the plane.


It is very important to prepare the necessary documents in time and to make your pet all mandatory vaccinations. The Animal Passport must have a registered vaccinated against rabies that was made not earlier than a year and not later than a month before your departure. Also, you should clean your pet for worms. It is not necessarily, but for cats and dogs the conduction of chipping is also recommended. All these procedures should be made by your pet’s veterinarian and then noted in the passport. Next thing is to get a Health Certificate for your pet’s departure (Form No 1). It is issued by the District state veterinary clinic and is valid within 3 days. To get it you have to go there with your pet and its’ Animal Passport.


Before the flight, at the airport with all necessary documents (your passport, your pet’s Animal passport, Health Certificate for your pet departure and airline tickets) you should pass a veterinary control. There you will receive an international veterinary certificate which you will show on your arrival to Goa. Then you pass the registration, weigh your family pet together with its cage, pay for it as for the overweight of baggage and go for landing (together or separately depends on your pet). If your pet has to fly in a special section of the plane, be sure to give him even a remote connection with you. Put some small and soft thing soaked with your smell inside the cage. Some specialists even recommend to give a pet some sedative to help it to cope with the stress it might have during the flight. Of course, the cage should be comfortable and safe.


On your arrival to Goa you will need to visit the veterinary control of the local airport. There the employees of the Veterinary Control will put the date and the signature into your international veterinary certificate. It is valid within 3 months. If you are planning to stay in Goa longer, then you will need to pass all the same procedures and prepare the same documents you have completed before departure in the local veterinary clinic. The Health Certificate is issued free of charge.

Goa has no quarantine period for imported pets, so immediately on your arrival and after all documents registration you and your pet will be free to continue your journey.

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